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Immature Granulocytes 0.0 -> 1.3 %


Haven't posted in a while, but wanted to reach out for some advise / thoughts.  

My wife has been on dasatinib since Nov 2019 and, thus far, the results have been ok - counts have generally been low, but the last two PCR tests showed reductions to 3% (April 2020) and then to 1.45% BCR-ABL (May 2020) - starting point in November 2019 was around 96% and she was on dasatinib for a month, then off for a month, on for 2 weeks and then off for 2 weeks and has been on consistently since Feb 2020 @ 50mg.

Today her test results came back with 1.3 % Immature Granulocytes (includes metamyelocytes, myelocytes and promyelocyte).  Previously this result varied between 0.0 - 0.5, with last 3 results being: 0.0 (July 14th), 0.5 (June 30th) and 0.4 (June 18th).

We are awaiting a call from her Dr, but I was hoping to gain some insight from folks here while we wait.  

Hi all

My sweet husband wrote this question for me. He does this for me when I’m too scared or worried to breathe.  I wanted to reply in case anyone else needs an answer to this in the future.  My doctor called back yesterday to tell me not to worry and that from time to time some patients will see IG on the result reports.  The biggest concern is my immunosuppression and as someone has said on this forum previously, WBC, RBC, neutrophils, platelets and metabolic panel. 
Hopefully my panic and subsequent response here helps someone in the future.  

I will have another PCR test in the coming weeks.  Onward and downward I hope 


That’s really sweet! Sometimes it’s easy to forget how much this effects our loved ones.

I am sure all ok, I try not to focus too much on the numbers and try to worry only when the doctors worry. As I say to my CML friend it’s a miracle any of this works at all. Yes we all want lower, and these are guidlines not rules. You’re on the cusp of CCYR which I am repeatedly told is no different in terms of overall survival than being in MMR. I am sure we will all get there one day when our bodies decide. And we must accept that we have zero control of this other than taking our pills as required.


Thanks Alex!  You’re right... we will get there!  Faith in the process and enjoying life is so important, especially now.   I have a great Dr.  and I know he will call the minute he sees anything concerning.  

I had a look back and observed that my IG was 18.34 when my white blood count was 74.49 shortly after diagnosis. The IG has later been zero or a small number less than 1.

My consultant tells me that she is only interested in four blood count numbers: haemaglobin, WBC, neutrophils and platelets. I have asked about other out of range numbers but have been told that they do not matter.

It could be that you are worrying about a number that is of no consequence.

I found this:

Immature Granulocytes (%)
A healthy result should fall into the range 0 - 0.5 %.

Immature granulocytes are white blood cells that are immature. Small amounts of white blood cells may be present on a complete blood count test whether or not you have an infection although healthy people do not show immature granulocytes on their blood test report. However, whenever your body is fighting an infection, it will increase its white blood cell count, and more of the white blood cells will be immature.

Immature granulocyte counts are often tests ordered for patients that are highly susceptible to develop infections. They may already have a suppressed immune system.


This could be a marker for infection rather than a CML problem.



Thank you!  That is what I was able to find out from my Dr as well.  I really appreciate the info.