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PCR 27 months

Hola compañeros como estan  mi resultado de PCR IS agosto 2020% 0.0032, 27 meses nilotinib 600, pocos efectos adversos, me siguen llamando la atención los problemas de copias ya que influyen en el resultado, lo que estudio es que menos cantidad de copia ABL peor calidad de muestra, consecuentemente más margen de error, ¿es así ?, Gracias

Fecha% BCR-ABL Copias
13/03/2018 58 193000      
21/05/2018 0,028 151000 RMM
07/02/2019 0,022 85200 RMM
06/06/2019 0,0098 160000 RM4.0
03/10/2019 0,0035 165000 RM4.0
12/03/2020 0,0063 78300 RM4.0
25/08/2020 0,0032 91000 RM4.5


Hello friends, here are my results of PCR IS - August 2020:  0.0032% 27 months nilotinib 600mg.

Few adverse effects, copy problems continue to attract my attention since they influence the result, what I understand is that the less ABL transcript copies, the quality of the sample is less optimal, consequently a higher margin of error, right?


Hola Damian,

Copied from page 12 of our qPCR primer:

Common factors affecting the suitability of a sample sent for q-PCR testing

• If a blood sample has been in transit for several days, or has been stored for too long after collection, the cells it contains will already be in the process of dying and the mRNA will have started to degrade. This means there is a greater chance of an inaccurate result and many labs will not report results from such samples if the control gene is at too low a level.
• The lowest acceptable level for a control gene in any one sample is 10,000 copies (transcripts).
• Test results will show a relative proportion, (expressed as a percentage) of how many BCR-ABL1 transcripts are present over the total number of cells analysed in the blood sample.
• A sample taken from a patient who is responding well to therapy is more likely to contain a good amount of normal ABL1 gene transcripts and a much lower amount of abnormal BCR-ABL1 transcripts. This is because cells containing the abnormal fusion gene will have been killed during therapy and would be very few in number.

It looks to me from your recent test that your sample contained 91000 normal transcript copies? If that is correct you are well over the optimal level for normal transcripts so you can be confident that the qPCR (IS) result is reliable. 


Thanks for the answer, it is what I had read, but what caught my attention is that on this occasion the test result was expressed <0.0032% RM 4.5, it gave an indicative and not an exact number as in the other studies. the results are on an international scale IS. He attributed it to the fact that it did not exceed 100,000 copies and then they could not give an exact number. That is what I do not know

Thank you so much

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