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good afternoon everyone.  the dreaded colonoscopy is coming up and the doctor has prescribed 'suprep' for the day-before prep.  i always check drug interactions with Sprycel and this one has a moderate interaction.  So does miralax, which is another prep that can be used.  Has anyone that takes 100mg Sprycel had a colonoscopy and what did you use for the prep part of it?  Thank you so much, hoping you're all enjoying the beautiful fall weather.  it's a warm and sunny day here in the northeast U.S. 

Hey - yes I have. I didn't have to take any particular precaution.

The concern with all of the bowel prep medicines is that they can cause you to lose a lot of electrolytes including magnesium and potassium. Dasatinib can, in rare cases, cause heart problems and these become worse when electrolytes are low. 

Looking at the drug interaction checker on it says you should get medical attention if you experience dizziness, lightheadedness, fainting, shortness of breath, or heart palpitations - so perhaps keep that in mind.

If you have not had any heart problems already with dasatinib it stands to reason that the interaction risk for you is probably very very low but of course check it with your doctor if you are at all concerned.

Colonoscopies aren't a load of fun. The procedure itself is fine, it's the prep that's the hard bit! If you want a good laugh about the whole experience, this is a great read! It had me in stitches laughing.



Prior to some prostate procedures I took the dreaded Picolix or similar the day before.I was advised to only eat white bread and very bland food like a little white breast of chicken and poached egg in the two days before as well.I also took a lot of water and regular oral reyhydration salts and that relieved the electrolyte loss and headaches/dizziness. It was a good idea to be always located very near to the bathroom though!

In my case I came off imatinib for a while so that was not an issue of interaction with a tki

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David, thanks for that, laughed so hard my eyes watered!