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fish intolerance

hi two weeks ago ate canned tuna and experienced nausea and loose stools and intestinal discomfort and wondering the next day,yesterday i ate breaded sole and today have suffered the same problems any one out there have any advice. I also wonder if any of this could be connected to the imatinib i take daily any help really appreciated.



Not one I've heard of before - it might be a more mundane situation where the fish was past its best.


Hi Vonnie,

I dont know how long you have been taking imatinib but in terms of the side effect profile and you can do this by looking at the product literature that accompanies your medicines, it is not uncommon to experience nausea and headaches and sometimes vomiting as a side effect and this might be especially so if one does not take lots of water with your pill and accompany it with a substantial meal.In addition many CML patients on imatinib experience what I call in polite terms faecal looseness  and bloating, so sometimes it pays to be near the bathroom.Looking back on forum these two side effects have often come up for discussion.

I still have these two issues that you mention even after 15 years on the tki; because of another issue of  having had radiation implants in my prostate the situation of bowel movements/lower intestinal bloating is exaggerated.My urologist has suggested to use "Normacol "-it comes in sachets and can be added to cereal ideally in the morning and is available from all good pharmacies off prescription.Apparently it is a natural product of fibre based ingredients that normalises any digestive and  bowel problems and regularizes bloating.It is available on Amazon if you cannot find it otherwise.

I like David suggest to you that the fish might be a coincidence rather than a cause.

With best wishes