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CML treatment success


Hi there,
How much time it takes to have complete hematologic response? Does that mean all blood counts are totally in range like normal person or slightly lower than normal person. After this how long it takes for Cytogenic response which is a great milestone to achieve.
Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

A complete Hamatologic response took me about 3 weeks from the time of starting TKI. I was on Hydrea for 3 weeks before this as I had a very high white count. But for the majority its normally weeks not months. In the early days of TKI its takes a while for things to stablise. Mine have all been spot on for 3 years.

For CCYR the guidance is 6-12 months for an optimal response. I reached CCYR by 6 months. Everybody is different and I made the danger of comparing my timeline with other poeple on this forum. It will happen in its own timeline but its most likely to be similar for you. It took me 2.5 years to get to MMR, certainly not fast and not really slow either.

All the best


It's been a few years (2012), but my counts got back to normal within a couple of months.  My red count has usually been just below normal or at the low end.  It hasn't affected my physical endeavors. I've been known to get to the top of a mountain from time to time.  Not Everest by any means as the mountains around here are about a third the elevation of that monster.

I wasn't unhealthy when diagnosed as there weren't any symptoms I could feel.  I'm probably a little more healthy now even though this will be my ninth year taking treatment for CML and my 60th birthday will be in 2023.

I hope your son is responding well to treatment and can partake in any activities he chooses to now and going forward.

My red counts have never returned to normal which is why I will stop dasatinib and try TFR. I feel the anemia only when I try to run sprints and increase my physical exertion. My hemoglobin is in the normal range, however (low end), which enables me to be physically active. But my Olympian days are over.