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CML Patient assitance programe in uk


Hi greeting
I was diagonosed CML in March, 2007.since i am taking glivic imtinab 400mg daily. My blood counts are in normal range. I need patient assitance programme where i vould get free glivics in uk. Pls guide me i ll obliged if you help me

Hi there,

All NHS patients in the UK don’t have to pay for any TKIs in the UK. 

Because of that there are not, to my knowledge, any patient assistance programs  


Thanks for your response, from where i need to approach for glivic imtinab tablets.
Thanks and a blessing friday

I  think that you will find that in the UK only hospital consultants are able to issue a prescription for a tki such as imatinib and not your GP.In addition under the NHS you will not be issued with original branded Glivec any longer but a generic version-this is because of differences in cost.If you are not registered with a GP then you would need to do this  in order to be referred to an NHS specialist or haematologist  at a hospital and normally you would have blood tests before any drug such as a tki is given as treatment.If you are not yet a British Citizen then there may be matters of immigration and visa status to consider before you can register with a GP and you would need to take specialist advice I suggest.

If you wanted to seek private treatment the consultant fees and costs of blood tests would need to be met;the branded Glivec given by a private hospital might cost upwards of £2500 per months supply of 400 mg-a generic brand such as Sandoz might still be charged at over £1000 per months treatment.

Patient Access Schemes are offered by pharma companies in countries where governments do not meet the costs of the drugs that are prescribed by doctors (or possibly where a patient is not insured or does not qualify to be insured?)



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