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Kidney stones and infection

Hi guys! sorry, i already have one kidney stone, too much pain, but i had fever today and my pee smells so bad, i think i got an urinary infection. I got metamizole and ciprofloxacin today. I am trying to continue taking my Imatinib, but i just vomited it this last 2 days, i spoke with my doctor and he recommended me to stop the Imatinib til this infection resolves. Is that OK guys? 🥺 I am afraid of that. Any of you have to stop medication due to and infection? Please, i need orientation. By the way, is Ciprofloxacin, metamizole safe to take? may i take instead of them ceftriaxone or an aminoglucoside? and for pain, what can i take? 
Thank you for your answers, i am in my 9th month of treatment and first time with an infection, i am feeling lost, don’t know what to do.


I have been taking dasatinib non-stop for the past 3 years and i had 2 kidney stones in between. By no means is this a recommendation: Do certainly consult your dr about the safety of TKIs tiven your current condition and other medications; but at least for me i didn’t stop the TKI.

Fever, vomiting, and urinary tract infection is common with kidney stones. You may need to take some antibiotics, best to consult both your urologist and hematologist. 



Thank you Thomas, by any chance what antibiotics and analgesic did you take? any suggestion? 


Hi, I asked another doctor, he told me not to stop my medication even if i have fever or infection, only if a have too much nausea i can skip few doses, but he recommended me to continue with my pill.He said Imatinib won’t decrease or affect the inflammatory response. Otherwise my other doctor said to stop it because i have fever and infection.... i feel kind of lost, but i will continue taking my imatinib, hopefully i won’t vomit it again 🙏🏼

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