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Covid Vaccine

Has anyone here taken their covid vaccine? If so, how'd you fare? Thanks.

Hi Alaina,

 I had mine last Friday, no side effects, everything fine looking forward to getting my second jab, and everyone getting through this covid nightmare.

stay safe.


Peter, thank you for responding. Love that name!

Hi Alaina,

As an over 75 I had the Pfizer one nearly two weeks ago.The side effects seem to be minimal such as a slightly sore arm,mild headache and a little warm the day after-but no worse than what might happen after the flu jab.The screening I was given asked if I was on blood thinners and whether I was prone to any allergies.I suspect that if one had been recently dx with CML and ones bloods and especially platelets were all over the place one would need to take specific advice.

I am not sure if the AZ one has a similar side effect profile and the same very minimal effects or not.

Some of the latest studies (people vacciinated versus those not yet taking it) coming out of Israel indicate exactly as expected that the vaccine does cut down on infection levels and hopefullly a much milder response in those who after the vaccine are unfortunate enough to contract Covid.

I am told that some benefits start building up 7/14 after the first jab.The overall benefits it seems  far outweigh the very scary possibilities of becoming infected especially if one had to go into intensive care-survival rates for Covid related viral sepsis are not very high.

Go for it!

Best wishes


I had the AstraZeneca one. I felt slightly off-colour for about 24-36 hours from the day after the vaccine. Really not a big deal.


I had Pfizer. Sore arm for a couple of days but no other side effects. Can’t wait for the second dose and wish the Gov would change their policy on the 12 week gap. 

Hi Alaina ,I had mine on Saturday ,the Pfizer vaccine .Had no side effects at all ,only had a slight bruised feeling where the jab went the next day then was ok .So if you are worried or anxious please don't be you will be fine ,Good Luck ,Denise.

Thanks for such a thorough reply, John. That's some great information.

Thanks, Denise. I really appreciate that!

Ok, great. Thanks, David. I am a little nervous, what you described does not sound so terrible.

Absolutely not terrible at all, just a little lethargic. Really no different than you might feel after a flu vaccine.


I had the AstZen vaccine just over 2.5 weeks ago. No problems at all except for expected slight muscle soreness for 4 or 5 days around the vaccine site, plus feeling lethargic/tired for around 10 days... although that effect also may be because I am not going out as much as I normally do as my place of work (retail) has been closed since 19th December. 


Thanks, Sandy. I'm so glad to hear from so many recipients. This has helped me confidently make a decision.

Hi Aliana


i had my first doze of Pfizer yesterday . No side effects so far beside slight sore arm. 
I am on Tasigna 300mg twice a day !!


Hello All
I had the Oxford/AstraZeneca on Monday.. I had a bad headache the next day and felt lethargic for a few days.  My arm seems to be a bit more sorer than it did a few days ago. I’m so pleased to have had the first shot. I hope that it will give those of us living with cml some good level of protection. I did email my consultant and she could not give me any efficacy on level of protection data. Does anyone know if anyone living with cml were in any of the trials? 
It’s been a long time since I have posted. I was diagnosed in 2003, this site really helped me in those early scary days! 
kindest Regards to you all!


Got my first dose of Sinopharm on 1 feb.
Injection site was tender for a few days, didnt notice anything else.

Due for 2nd dose on 22 feb, will let you know

Thanks Eva. I'd like to know how the second one goes as well.

Had my vaccine on Friday last week.  Only symptoms so far have been sore arm at injection site and feeling slightly sick with more fatigue than normal.  Nice to have peace of mind 😁

I got the Astra Zeneca on Saturday morning. Felt a bit cold and shivery + headache on Saturday evening and very flat yesterday. Very sweaty overnight last night - remember what that was like from a long time ago - but pretty much back to normal today. Was told the next dose would be in 11 weeks.   

I had the AZ one a week ago.  The following day I felt a bit rough - flu-like and a bit depressed.  Then I slept for 10 hours and have been fine since.

Hi. Folks. 

I had the Pfizer vaccine a week today.  It knocked me out .  I felt terrible for 3 days. Left me feeling very depressed as well.

i am on imatinib 400 mg a day - my last PCR 0.016 diagnosed 6 years ago. 



Have had both doses of Moderna exactly 4 weeks apart.  First dose: sore arm for 2 - 3 days; slight fever, chills, and headache starting 5 - 6 hours after shot and lasting only about 4 - 5 hours.  Second dose: very sore arm for 2 - 3 days; significant chills, significant fatigue and headache starting 12 hours after shot and lasting about 36 hours. So second dose side effects much worse than first dose.  Still worth it in my opinion.

Just had my Jab this eve. I had the Oxford AZ one.
Very efficient and feels good to have had it done.


Hi Philip, I am so sorry that you had a rough bout, but glad you got it out the way!

Hi Alex, I am curious how you feel the first 24 hours because I believe we are almost the same age...

Hi Olivia! Thanks for responding! I'm glad to hear your side effects were short term! I think I will brave it and take it in 2 weeks...

Hi Alastair. Were you allowed to take any medication to combat the side effects you experienced?

Hi Mick. Sounds very tolerable. Thanks for sharing with everyone.

Cmljax! Sorry to hear this. That sounds super rough. Jeeze a lou. I hope you don't have to take another for a while...


Ok I feel absolutely awful like a flu and hangover in one. Woke up at 2am feeling fine and woke again at 6am (seems to kick in about 12 hours after jab, feeling chills and shakes (temp was fine just felt cold), body aches, headache, dizzy, lightheaded, very heavy on my feet and nausea. I am assured this is all normal but it’s a bit rough. I haven’t had flu for prob 20years so it’s a nice reminder of what that feels like. It’s worth it though am glad to have some protection. I’ll be zzzzzzzing all day today and hope to feel better tomorrow!


Hi Alex,

That pretty much describes how I felt after the AZ vaccine. A day or two later I was feeling 100% again.


Hi David

That’s reassuring to hear. A good sign it’s working if nothing else :-)

Thanks for your reply.


Alex, I had the AZ at 11.00 Saturday morning. Saturday evening started feeling unwell. Shivery in bed then hot. Sunday felt pretty tired and not great Woke up Monday morning having sweated a lot through the night (although I slept well) and felt fine after a shower. Grand since then. Hope it is the same for you.

Thanks Alistair

Its been 24hours to the dot since my vaccine and I am feeling about 80% normal so I am well over the worst thank goodness. I hope the 2nd jab will be less intense.


Yep 48hours later I am 100% normal. I started to feel almost normal at the 24hr mark. But completely fine now. Just adding here for reference for others who may have the Oxford AZ and wonder what to expect. But of course I now have my regular TKI insomnia and wide awake at 3:30am 🤣


I had mine AZ two weeks ago and no problems as such.

Just a bit of a stiff muscle at the injection point that lasted for a few days.

I had the AZ jab almost two weeks ago, the following evening my leg muscles were very achy and restless but next day were back to normal. 
Nine days after the jab the area on my arm  around where the jab was given has now become slightly swollen, warm to the touch and itchy. I expected this soon after I had the jab. Has anyone else experienced this reaction?



Yeah mine is still very slightly swollen if I roll the muscle I can feel it 9 days later. It’s defo getting better though.

My experience echoes Alex's, cmljax's and others'.  First shot, nothin'.  Second shot, whoa Nelly!  Enormous shot site pain plus other muscles, fever of 100, chills, room spinning, don't want to eat anything, just want to snooze.  Which is what I'm going to go do now!  Coming up on 24 hours and feel a smidge better.  Hopefully, after sleeping tonight, tomorrow I'll be fine.  Glad I read y'alls' comments first!

Hi Eva, 

How was your second dose? I have an emergency and have to travel to Peru. Here in Peru, the vaccine is Sinopharm, i don’t know if it is allow for us (CML patients) to use this vaccine. I couldn’t see an hematologist here, so i don’t know what to do. Thank you