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folic acid

Hi i had my three monthly blood results this morning all fine but my Consultant said my red cells were slightly larger than normal but there was no anaemia and my liver function was normal she told me it has been like this since diagnosis in 2017 and offered me a 3 months course of folic acid anyone with a similar experience would be good to know.

Thanks to you all


Hi Vonnie,

Apparently this is the effect of the tki or so I was told at my last consultation.Your consultant is probably referring to MCV -mean corpuscular volume;the normal range is 80-99 but mine is always about 102.In addition MCH -mean corpuscular haemoglobin might be elevated as well.As a result  ones Total Red Cell count might be slightly out of range.As I understand it being slightly out of range does not constitute anaemia.You can try vitamin B12 or something for your folates like folic acid but an excessive dose might affect kidney function;as well trying to eat iron rich foods will help-leafy greens and vegetables plus liver etc.