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Hair thinning

On Sprycel 3 months when does hair stop thinning?

No pun intended but mine since being on Nilotinib seems to happen in waves. Certainly had much thinner hair in the early days and some funky curls but it’s mostly normal 3 years later but defo still thinner than it was. Pubic hair also is almost none existent (I don’t mind that bit lol)

Definitely thinner, does it’s own thing, like Alex, definitely curlier, and strangely darker considering I’ve been grey for last 25 years!


I am almost in the 11th month of my treatment, but I am taking tasigna. I had very intense hair loss from the 3rd month until about the 8th. Maybe I lost 1/3 of my hair. Of course the hair is thinner, but now the hair loss is not so intense.


Thanks. I just wanted to know if it gets better 

Thanks for quick response 

just hope it stops thinning 

Hi, I thought it was the CML that was the cause of my hair thinning as that was the original reason for me going to the doctors in the first place .My Doc thought maybe it was my thyroid ,so it was a big shock when we found out it was CML .Since getting my bloods back to normal I haven't lost anymore but not regained what I lost unfortunately.Denise.




Hi Denise

for me seems to be the Syprcel that’s when the thinning  started a month into that

my Hair was thick coarse curly hair now thin very fine 

Bloodwork not back to normal yet. 
we ‘ll see how this goes 

have a good day


I am so glad to see this post. My hair completely changed after one year on imatinib. I noticed it seemed to have been breaking off and quit growing.

Ordinarily I needed a hair cut every 4-5 weeks. I went from September until January when I went to get it “shaped”. My hair has always been thick and wavy. It’s definitely thinner, especially on top and the temples. 

My oncologist said the same as’s not the imatinib. He did say hair not growing precedes losing it. Also, that it might continue to grow some areas in that the hair follicles are different types. However, I noticed he has ordered thyroid tests for me at my next visit which will be interesting.

There is new growth but it’s very slow and is a strange pattern. Although this has been concerning, I have had such a positive response to imatinib that I will deal with it.

It was encouraging to read about others’ hair issues. Thanks for sharing.