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dudas sobre selenio y vit d3 y k2

Hello, I have bought vitamin D capsules with k2 (5000ui with 50mcg) and also selenium capsules (50mcg), I was wondering if it is better to take one every two days and gradually increase the dose until reaching one of each daily or if for On the contrary, it is preferable to start taking both every day and progressively decrease the dose as the body has already acquired enough quantity and it is not necessary to maintain a daily dose, (mention that I was diagnosed 4 months ago and that my results of the 3 first months of imatinib 400g have not been too good) thank you, greetings from Spain.

Hi Jay,

I think its probably best to order a Vitamin D test to know your current level. But I do believe most of us are deficient from the copiuos amounts of reading I have done on the subject. And as Scuba says test dont guess. I haven't managed to get a test yet but I have been supplimenting initially with 1000IU for about 1 month. I then increased to 2000IU and now I take daily 4000IU with K2 and from all the studies I have seen 4000IU is the safe uppper limit. I wont take anymore than that until I manage to get a test. With COVID I am reluctant to overwhelm an already struggling health system but I am going on the best assumption that here in the UK that if we are are lucky get 2-3 months of sun per year and that alone feeds my suspicion I am very deficient.

On the selenium I took those for about 6months x4 brazil nuts (actually from brazil are the best) daily but I stopped when my PCR went up. I think this was just coincidence but I have not taken them since.


Hello Jay,

My personal view is, you do not need to be as cautious/careful at your suggest with Vit D3+K2. If you can manage to get a test for your current Vit D level, then that will at least give you an idea of where you are starting from and whether you need more or less in order to get to an optimal level of 50-90 ng/ml.

Just because you live in Spain, generally a sunnier place than the UK, does not mean that you automatically have optimal D3 levels. To get enough D3 from the sun, you need to be in full sun at midday for at least 15 mins (depending on your skin colour) every day... that 15 mins in full sun will give you approx 20,000 IU of D3. So as you can see from this, 5000 IU per day is not a high dose if your level is sub-optimal and if you choose to take it every other day that would only be a daily dose of 2500 IU. 

If your level is low or very low - under 30mg/ml - it would be beneficial for you to try to get the level up to at least 50ng/ml as quickly as you can. So if you are worried about toxicity then it's best to get a baseline test for D3. Remember, it will take you a few weeks/months to increase the level. Once you reach your optimum level then you can look at reducing your daily intake.

'Toxic' D3 levels are quite hard to achieve and it is quite rare to have such high levels that it causes toxicity. K2 is used in conjunction with D3 in order to guard against loss of calcium from your bones.

I also take 200mcg of Selenium daily, along with zinc and magnesium (citrate) as well as Omega 3 and Vit E. The is no evidence at all that any of these naturally occurring nutrients/minerals would negatively affect your response to TKi therapy.

Can you let us know what your 3 month test result is? You mentioned it is not that good, but I assume your peripheral blood cell counts are now within normal range?




Hi Alex, thanks again for your advice, I also do not know my vit d figures but I imagine they will be low since I have barely left home since October, so I will start taking the capsules with a view to improving my health in general and having more energy , a greeting

Hello Sandy, thank you for your valuable information, I had planned to take a capsule every two days, but even if I live in Spain, since the diagnosis I have hardly received sunlight since I have been locked up at home for about 4 months due to my difficult personal and also global situation , so perhaps it is a good idea to take it daily, perhaps selenium if every 2 days, I don't know .. it can mainly be a good idea for general health reasons and not so much to favor Tki since I don't think too much can be done about it .. as for my result of the first 3 months of imatinib it has been 15% when it should be below 10 .. even so my doctor prefers to wait another 3 months before rushing to change the tki , I hope everything goes for the better because I am somewhat worried, thanks again for your answer