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So confused!

I have CML diagnosed 3 years ago. In my mid 60’s. On Gleevec numbers not detectable. My 79 year old partner and myself have received both our Covid vaccines about a month ago. 
my partner would like to drive to visit elderly sister and brother-in-law who also have been vaccinated. They reside in senior living environment. Also would be seeing niece who has been vaccinated and two teen nephews who have not been.

so much information about staying safe during Covid is confusing. What is MY risk if partner brings home the virus but isn’t sympathetic?

am I less protected because of the CML?

Any thoughts? Thanks!!




I had it in November and it was like a cold that would not totally go away for like 10-12 days.  That being said, I am 40 so not in the at risk age group.  It is real so stay safe but IMHO it is not worth shutting down the world for.  My parents in their late 60's (and as of yesterday one is 70) have both had it and one has diabetes.  Comparing confirmed cases to deaths in my country means 98.3% survival rate (and cases probably underreported by a lot).  If you have been vaccinated that is great and should ease your mind even more. 

Take a look at the link below from another post that you may have missed (by Scuba) which seems to indicate the TKI therapy may reduce the risk of serious outcomes from a Covid infection. 


You may find this reassuring.