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Covid Vaccine and Blood Work

Has any one received the vaccine and had some lower than normal counts after?

I’ve recently had a blood draw for my next PCR consultation and I have been wondering if the vaccine may mess with my numbers. I have had both doses of AZ vaccine. I’ll find out on 21st May

I’m wondering the same.  I had my first dose of pfizer two weeks ago and had my blood draw this morning.  I won’t know my BCR-ABL until May 19th but I can report back with some WBC/RBC/platelet counts etc later this evening if I notice they’re lower since we get the results online here same day. I go for second shot this Friday.  I am assuming it probably isn’t affected too much if it’s been a couple weeks.

Update: My platelet results were 260 from my blood draw this morning.  I take imatinib and this result was no lower than a month ago when I had blood drawn.  So it looks like having the vaccine two weeks ago didn’t change platelet count.

I did!  After about 4-5 years of 0.005 or thereabouts, I recently got an undetectable AFTER the vaccine!  What's the scuttlebutt?

Wow amazing news. Wouldn't it be amazing if it inadvertedly cured our CML :-). I am guessing this is a coinicidence and nothing more. But congrats Kat. One day maybe for a lot of us.

Thanks Alex.  Not getting excited about it, just as I steel myself not to despair when I get a number I don't like.  I got one other undetectable (on my cancerversary actually) a couple of years back and I did get excited.  But it didn't stick.  So.

Ah yeah. As David says don’t get too excited when down and not too worried when up. Little wins are nice and they certainly give you the emotional strength to keep going. The ups not so much. Great news all the same.