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Vertigo Loss Of Balance Anyone

I was wondering if anybody has experienced a sort of Vertigo episode?  Last Saturday I had to go down to my knees and sort of "catch" myself with hands on the floor.  Went away immediately and I got up and started drinking some water.  This has happened (although never sat down/etc.) once or twice before but immediately went away to the point that I wasn't sure that anything had actually happened.  I am on Tasigna 300x2 daily.  

I did read that Tasigna can lead to strokes but I wanted to see if anyone else has had this sort of feeling before.  I didn't black out, have had no severe headaches, slurred speech, or numbness.  Just a very brief loss of balance.  Anyhow thanks for the responses.  

I will add that I had not eaten anything and was drinking hot coffee all morning out in the sun.  This happened at about 1:30pm.  I immediately started drinking fluids and ate.  Have since started Vitamin B-12.

Not experienced that myself and I suspect it’s not Tasigna related. You’ll know for sure if you’re having a stroke. Lots of coffee on an empty stomach in the sun is more than likely the cause of the vertigo. Or even dehydration.

I am the same though anything out the blue it “has” to be TKI and after being diagnosed I am hyper vigilant with any new symptom or “side effect”.

Strokes on Tasigna are probably more rare than getting CML itself so I wouldn’t be too concerned about that. They have to list that if anyone has a stroke while taking Tasigna in trials and we know that CML is an “old” persons disease (my consultants words not my own) so doesn’t surprise me that’s on there either (not that only old people have strokes but you get what I mean). Sudden death always made me chuckle.


I'm new to this forum and before introducing myself properly I hope I can add to what is said above.

I'm 5 weeks on Tasigna 300mg×2 as well and I have an impressive variety of side effects though I try to cope with it alone since doctor's help is not available easily in this rural area of France where I live.

I did notice that Tasigna made me very sensitive to the sun and slightest dehydration (dizziness + headache )so I guess you have got a combination of two.

Also now learning about Tasigna's ability to change blood pressure and even work on neurons level.... so all together can lead to strange experiences.

Try to drink more than usual and especially mineral water with minimum of sodium - I take glass of water together with morning coffee. And careful with the sun - if I'm not mistaken we are in very busy eclipse period)

ColoradoGuy, allow me to suggest that you gradually lower your TKI dosage.  It's the single most effective thing you can do to reduce or eliminate TKI-induced side-effects.  Please post your CML history so we can be on the same page.  Thanks!

Hey Buzz,

From personal experience once, I totally agree. I tapered my dose down from 100mg very slowly to ultimately just 20mg of dasatinib and didn’t experience any of the symptoms typical of TKI withdrawal syndrome.


A week after I discontinued imatinib and started dasatinib, I suffered an episode of feeling extremely ill with vertigo and vomiting. My consultant asked me not to come into the hospital but concluded that I was suffering from gastro enteritis.

As I got better, the vomiting stopped but the vertigo continued.

I visited my GP who could not diagnose my problem. I felt for much of the time as though I was drunk on alcohol.

A couple of months later, I visited my consultant who said, "yes, that will be the dasatinib".

Soon after that, I recovered from the vertigo and there was no re-occurrence.

I also experienced bouts of vertigo on dasatinib, mine occurred after I had been on it for several months, also bouts of nausea that came out of the blue. They eventually disappeared as mysteriously as they arrived. When ever any weird bodily sensation arose I just assumed it was the dasatinib and it would disappear. I was usually right. 


Thank you all for the replies. I always appreciate it. Stay hydrated and onwards to deeper remission.

Yes, definitely try to stay well hydrated and keep electrocytes in balance - sodium/potassium etc. particularly in warm weather. low blood sugar can cause nausea and dizziness so make sure you eat regular meals.