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BCR Rising?



First of all, THANK YOU for being there.

I was diagnosed 6 months ago, BCR=92%.

I started with Bosutinib (clinical trial with Atezolizumab), and my BCR leves dropped to 0,5% in only 6 weeks !!! However, my liver gtp raised to 631 (normal is 35-40).

So, after 6 weeks break, my BCR level raised to 2.45 (I expected that, obviously).

2 weeks ago I started Imatinib. BCR test was repeated today, and it has raised again, to 5.04.

Is it possible that only 2 weeks is not enough for finding out if Imatinib is working for me?

The chronology:

- Mar/21:  diagnosis, BCR = 92%. Starting Bosutinib.

- May/21:  BCR = 0.5. . Liver GPT too high. Starting break.

- 05/Jul/21:  BCR = 2.45. End of break. Starting Imatinib.

- 19/Jul/21: BCR = 5.04.

Doctor says we have to wait. She is going  to repeat the test on September third. If BCR raises again, she is going to change treatment.

What do you think?

Thank you.

PD:  Sorry for my English, I live in Spain and I just found you googling !!!


I think two weeks is likely too short a time to see any difference, but not 100% sure. The first check after any change for me (in UK) has been 1 month after the change and another 1 month later. You did the first test earlier than UK and second one about when I would expect. It is only after the second test that another change would be considered so probably OK.  Good  luck - let us know the results.

You have some complicating factors here, but my consultant advised me that a three month elapsed time is required before testing is performed after a change of TKI. Your consultant's approach does not deviate far from the standards.