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Tasigna - Curcuma ?

Hello how are you ? I hope so, this week I received my last PCR RM 4.5 - 0.0018%, after 39 months of treatment and a laboratory change. I take Tasigna 600 daily since the diagnosis, and for 2 years that I have been in deep molecular response between 4.0 and 4.5, my doctor told me that I am in an excellent place and that at some point I will probably be a candidate for TFR, the question is if it can help To lower my CRP even more by taking a Curcuma supplement, what risk of interaction could I have with Tasigna?, and in what way can I include it in the treatment or diet, if someone could help me that is in the same situation. Thank you
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There is no known interaction risk between Curcumin and Tasigna. In fact, Curcumin is likely to enhance Tasigna efficacy.

Any PCR level below 0.01% is statistically indistinguishable with "undetected" and is in the noise of the test. You are an excellent candidate for Tasigna dose reduction first before trying TFR. Consider lowering your dose to 300 mg (with your doctor's support) and track your response. There is a good chance you will continue your excellent response and with half the drug (and side effects) dose. Adding Curcumin (minimum 2 grams per day, ideally 6-8 grams per day) can provide an assist to your efforts.

Thanks for the answer SCUBA you are a great reference, in what way do you recommend me to consume turmeric? capsules - root? . My doctor does not agree with the reduction very much but if with TFR, he fears a mutation, he is waiting for new indications to do it outside of the trials, I think he is afraid, but he recommends waiting a little to have more data, And the truth is, I don't know what to do? For now I will add turmeric to the treatment


I now take "curcumin" in all kinds of forms. The medical part are as capsules (2 grams per day) C3 complex Curcumin with bioperine (pepper). But I also now take Turmeric root (ground as a powder) as a spice with food. I find Turmeric is quite tasty and adds a bit of zing to soups.

As far as your doctor fearing a 'mutation' if you lower dose - he is mistaken. Cancer is not bacteria. Whether you lower your dose or increase it, won't change whether mutations occur or are present. CML is not eradicated the way a bacteria would be eradicated, CML is controlled by  powerful tyrosine kinase inhibition. CML can not grow if it's ATP sockets are blocked. In fact, they die. The shape of these sockets is a key element in how well TKI's do their job. And so if your CML is very well controlled (and yours is certainly!) - lowering dose will help you find a threshold which works and also minimize further side effects (Qt syndrome is one). If a lower dose does not work, you simply increase it back up where it worked before.


Thank you very much, your knowledge helps, what the Doctor told me at some point was that if I take my medication wrong, it could generate some type of resistance or mutation, from the beginning he told me that my time would come to try TFR and I would have many possibilities, my Medication was always taken in a timely manner, I will talk about it again, perhaps to reduce the dose and start taking Curcuma at noon, away from taking the medication, Thank you Scuba again for your knowledge

Hi Damian,

"what the Doctor told me at some point was that if I take my medication wrong, it could generate some type of resistance or mutation".

Your doctor is min-informed.