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CML & Omicron

Hi folks.

Any word or data points on CML and Omicron? I take 400 mg Imatinob. Was n TFR and now been back on the TKI for 2 months. Wondering if there is any increased risk or other info that might be useful?






Hi Rick,

No particular data as far as I am aware, but as Omicron appears to be (worst case) no worse than other variants and potentially less severe the risk should not really be increased for CML patients.


Hi Rick, I think I have one datapoint for you - me.

I am on 200mg Imatinib currently. I failed TFR after 17 months in October 2020, went back to 400mg imatinb, and regained 0.000% BCR-ABL in a few months. I reduced back to 200mg in October 2021.

I was pinged by the NHS covid app on 22/12 to tell me that on 18/12 I had been in close contact with someone who had subsequently tested positive for Covid. As advised I ordered a home PCR test which arrived and went back in the post on 23/12. On 24/12 I did a lateral flow test as we were planning to go to church, but that was positive. The PCR result was reported positive on 27/12, but I had been isolating since the 24th. The only symptom I developed was like a mild head cold for 2-3 days - pre covid it would not have stopped me going to work. I was negative on lateral flow on 31/12 and 1/1 so able to stop isolating. I don't know the strain, but I did not have a cough or loss of taste/smell, so think it probably was omicron.

Hope that helps.



Thank you, and I am glad your COVID Omicron symptoms were no big deal. And congratulations on reaching undectable again. I hope to join you there soon!

I got mixed messages yesterday from my new hematologist and my PCP. I am leaving on a 10 day trip with my wife tomorrow to celebrate 50 years of marriage. We will be in a beautiful section of Arizona (Sedona and Grand Canyon), hiking and exploring and will not eat at an inside restaurant. My hematologist advised us to cancel our trip. My PCP, after explaining that Omicron is not that severe, especially with vaccinated and boosted people, said, "Happy anniversary. Go live your life." My wife and I discussed all this yesterday evening, and we decided to go ahead on our trip. We cannot live in fear. We will wear KN95 masks, practive good hand hygiene, and avoid people as much as possible. Our only risk is that we are flying, but we are in 1st Class. We are equipped to test for COVID if necessary. If one or both of us gets COVID, we'll figure out how to hunker down and quarantine. 

Hope you continue to get great BCR-ABL1 results.

Kind regards.



Hi Rick,

Congratulations on your 50th wedding anniversary. For data on the omicron variant, I can only point you to the well researched and communicated Youtube videos from Dr John Campell ... for his January 4th update on infection trends see here  UK infections seems to be with omicron (96%) 



Thank you. Very informative.