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Sandy Craine: Obituary

With a heavy heart I am very sad to announce that Sandy, the founder of CML Support UK, died on the 5th of October from a cancer that was unrelated to CML.

Sandy was a pioneering CML patient and was one of the very first people in the world to benefit from imatinib due to her participation in the very first study of the drug turning her critical diagnosis of CML into one she lived with for over 20 years.

Sandy founded CML Support UK and was also a founding member of CML Advocates - an international network of CML patient advocates.

She was passionate about art and used clay as her medium of expression in her studio and shop in London, which I have had the pleasure of visiting on occasion.

Sandy was a remarkable person who touched many lives with her art and her advocacy. On a personal note, she was a source of great strength and information to me when I was first diagnosed. It is down to her that I became interested in becoming a patient advocate myself.

She will be greatly missed by her partner, her family, her friends, and the CML community.


Very sorry to read this. This forum was invaluable to me when my husband was first diagnosed. Please pass our gratitude and condolences to Sandy's family.

David thanks for letting us know. I am greatly saddened to hear of Sandy's passing. When I was diagnosed (16 years ago) she was a great source of information and CML Support became my knowledge support system on the subject. I was delighted to meet her at the patient day in 2018. My input to this forum is my way of thanking her in particular for the support I received in the early days. RIP Sandy

Dear David
I can only reiterate what Alistair has said. Sandy was a great support when I was diagnosed and found the cml support group 14 years ago, and also when a friend of mine died after a transplant. I remember the petition to NICE to allow Dasatinib for patients unable to tolerate imatinib, (of which my friend was one) led again by Sandy I believe. She never failed to reply to emails I sent her in those early days, especially concerning my friend, and was such a warm, caring person. All I can do is send love and condolences to her family and friends.

My sincere condolences. She has had a profound effect on so many of us patients who come here for support. May she rest in peace.

To touch people with the words she wrote is a testament to the kind of person she was. In my darkest hour, she was able to instill a sense of calm, empathy and confidence that only a genuinely inspiring person could. Thank you Sandy.

Condolences to all her friends and family!

Very sorry to hear this. Please pass on a thank you to her family. This site has meant a lot to me and my family. Condolences and hugs.


Very sorry to hear the news,this site was a source of comfort to my family when husband was first diagnosed.Condolences to Sandy's family

My sympathies to her family and friends. This site is, and I hope will continue to be, a great source of comfort and information to those of us with CML and our families.


I’m so sad to hear of Sandy’s passing. I was diagnosed with cml in 2003, TKI therapy was a relatively new treatment. There was a lot of unknowns. I found the cml support group so helpful in those dark early days… I still find it so reassuring to know if I’m worried about something then I can login and find you good people are there to reassure and understand the difficulties we can face living with cml. I found David’s obituary very moving.
With sadness

Oh my goodness David,

I am so sorry to hear of this. Sandy has been an incredible help on here and without this amazing forum I don’t think I’d be as strong as I am now.

I am really shocked to hear of this news and Sandy obviously kept her other diagnosis personal. Life really can be terribly cruel as if CML alone wasn’t enough.

My thoughts are with her friends and family.


I was so sad to learn of Sandy's passing. Sandy was an outstanding pioneer and helped so many people have hope in treating their CML. I had the pleasure to exchange private correspondence with her over the years which I treasure. I had hoped to meet her one day in the near future when traveling to the U.K. Her patient advocacy is an inspiration and she will be greatly missed.

Oh, this is just such sad, sad news! Thank you, David, for posting. I can only reiterate what everyone else has said about the good that she did with this site for all of us. In fact, this very day I got some bad news and was turning to this site for the knowledge and understanding it provides. Even after 14 years, fear and confusion (and dread and despair) can surface and remind us again that we are never vouchsafed an easy road. I always thought, like an irrational child, that Sandy would always be here. She was the greatest.

Thank you Sandy for creating this platform and for making so much valuable knowledge available to people all over the world. The information in this forum changed many lives for the better.

I hope she had a fulfilling life and that her legacy lives through her family and friends.