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Boosting immune system in chronic myeloid leukemia may lead to discontinuation of blood cancer drugs


Yes I read these articles. Here is another one that gives percentages by different blood components to predict TFR adherence,

I also provided two additional links in another thread I started a week or two ago, “Predicting TFR outcomes”. No one has responded yet.

All this type of research seems to point to the immune system.
I am hoping to reach TFR soon on Tasigna and would appreciate a test that will tell whether I should stop or continue on with treatment.
I am going to look on my previous test for the two component percentages mentioned in the link above. Not sure they are there but I will also ask my Oncologist to see if I can get them measured.

Not sure I want to know the outcome as it could point to a reality of being on this treatment for the rest of my life. I’m already in 12 years… at this point I have accepted lifetime treatment but some good results could give me a boost of optimism.


As a layperson, my understanding is that NK cells cannot make significant difference in cancers, but only repair/reactivation of P53 can. Specifically in CML, most people (90%+) do not have mutated P53, it’s simply inactivated.

I would highly recommend you read this book, it’s more of a story and not so technical.