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Arthroscopic surgery


Afternoon all.

It's been a while since I've been on here so I hope you're all keeping well.

Just a bit of random question for you all.

I'm due to have arthroscopic surgery on my knee in the next few weeks (football injury 🙄). Just wondering if anyone else has had similar since having CML and if/how it affected your recovery?

Cheers all, Jay.


I've been on imatinib for over 17 years, currently on 200mg per day. I had a full hip replacement in 2022. I was advised to stop my imatinib a couple of days before the op, and not restart for the 4 weeks I was on an anticoagulant as they could interact, and/or have an adverse impact on healing. My BCR ABL was still undetectable at the next test a few weeks later. May not be an issue for an arthroscopic procedure.

Hope that helps

Not quite the same, but I had a fairly substantial laparoscopic surgery some years back. I was advised to continue to take my TKI, and it didn’t cause any problem.