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UK Patient Seminar/meeting 22/09 Birmingham.

For those who are planning to attend this seminar on 22/09 (World CML Day) make sure you book your place soon as places are limited and going fast. See links below to view the days agenda, register and book your place/s.

This is a unique event and will give you direct access to some of the most eminent and respected CML clinicians in the UK. Don't miss out.

Live video footage of the seminar will be broadcast on this site, starting Saturday morning at 10am.

Many thanks for arranging for the seminar to be streamed. I watched  Prof Clarks' talk on Stopping treatment with great interest - I was one of the 9 patients to fail DESTINY right at the end of the dose reduction phase in Month 12 but have now been taking 300mgs imatinib since June 2017 and holding at MR4 so  intend stopping treatment next year. Prof Clark's very positive talk has reinforced that intention.

It's amazing how far we have come in the knowledge researchers now have about CML - even since I was dx 9 years ago.

Thanks again



Hi Everyone,

I watched the seminar on live stream this morning and it was very interesting. Unfortunately, I missed the afternoon session.

Just wondering if  a recording of the day seminar will be available on this forum to view.



Hi Joanne,

I am pleased you found it useful!

We will try to host the recording of the sessions, but if it is possible it will take a while to arrange as typically we'd want to split it out to smaller videos on each topic. I can't make any promised, but we will try.


Thanks David. Will watch out for it.