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0.029% at 9 months


I was quite pleased with my results this week.   0.029% at 9 months.

I’ve still been unsuccessful in my attempts to get my dosage lowered.   Dr. says we can discuss at two years.  

That's a really good PCR score at nine months.  I don't recall what your TKI and dose are.  Some of the TKIs have more worrisome side effects than others.  Maybe if your PCR drops another log, your doctor will be more open to the idea.

Thank you.  I’ve been on 100mg of Dasatinib from the start.  Not really experiencing side effects.  I tire easily but I’m also overweight and out of shape.  

I also just got my 9 month PCR and it is similar to yours at 0.026% but I ain’t happy about it at all since my 6 month number is 0.017%! It is funny how these simple sequences of numbers can play tricks on the mind and evoke strong emotions. Haha 

I was targetting for MR4 since I was so close so it was a major disappointment but this is still early days and I am not going to complain about been in MMR. It could have been much worst. 

Congrats and let’s celebrate! 

The difference between 0.026% and 0.017% is well within the accuracy limits of the test process - to all intents and purposes they are the same. You are clearly a hare (getting to MMR in 6 months), and that's great, and to be celebrated as you say. 

Good morning Mark,

As you haven't had any side effects, I can understand why your doc doesn't want you at a lower dose.  The research I've read indicates that drug breaks due to side effects are what cause poorer responses among Sprycel users.

If you stay at 100mg then your risk of side effects are greater but your doctor is less concerned about inadequate disease inhibition.  On the other hand, if you reduce dose then you risk going below your least effective dose and having an increase in your PCR score, but you might have more energy and lessen the chance of having a dose related adverse event while still maintaining good disease control.

It's a balancing act.  I guess that's why it's called "practicing medicine".

Ultimately it's your decision.



Thanks, I did read a bunch of paper about increasing PCR and Some paper suggest a variance of 0.5 log, others 2 fold increase. But I guess none of these apply at around MR4 as it reach the detection limit of the assay. 


Not too worried until I get another increase.