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Red blood cell count has been falling down


Hi everyone

please give me advice for red blood cell count falling down:

May 2018(At diagnosis): 3.15

Sep 2018 (after 3 months on Imatinib): 4.95

Dec 2018: 4.59

Jan 2019: 4.23

Feb 2019: 4.15

My boyfriend has been on Imatinib 400 since May 2018, Ph now negative, BCR ABL negative (PCR undetectable). Side effects: skin rash, diarrhea, trouble sleeping, fatigue.

Has been taking Vitamin D3 for 1 month. Magesium+ low,  so going to take Mg+. 

Thank you so much


CML drugs can cause minor myelosuppression (blood counts - particularly platelets, neutrophils and red blood cells). This is normal for many patients. My RBC level, for example, is a near constant 3.9 - and has been this way for years. I am also "undetected".

A better indication of red blood support is your boyfriends hemoglobin number. If that is normal or near normal, he will be fine. Chances are he will simply live with a slightly lower than normal red blood cell count as long as he is taking his drug. As long as his blood counts remain steady, he will be fine. The fact he is "undetected" in such a short time is outstanding. He may even be able to lower his dose in order to lower side effects.

Thanks Scuba, I feel much relieved. His hemoglobin number is 133, that means near normal.

His doctor also said not very many patients get that such early respond and wait for the test on June to consider lowering his dose to 300 mg imatinib.

Thank you so much Mr Scuba. Much appreciate.

Hi Scuba

How is your breathing? My boyfriend is sufferring shortness of breath that makes me so worried, especially at night. What should he do? Will the breathing come to normal over the time?