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I am some how concerned about my latest test results for BCR ABL, increased from 7.8% 2 weeks ago to 20% today!

I had to stop Sprycel 80mmg for 3 weeks because again... my platelets level went down to 30 and doctor have to stop it..

i don't know if maybe interacted with Turmeric pills that i was taking?

anybody had a similar experience?

thank you.



Hi Gian,

In your previous post you wrote "I was on Gleevec 100 mg at first".  Did you mean 100 mg/day or instead did you mean to say 400mg/day?

I'm thinking that it might be better to be on a low daily dose that you can tolerate rather than have multi-week breaks in treatment.  If you can stabilize on a lower dose then maybe later you could increase dosage if your BCR-ABL1 results don't start trending down on a sustained lower dose.

Was your last BCR-ABL1 percentage from a FISH test?


Thank you for your reply Kirk,

july 2018 i was diagnosed, and i started Gleevec 100mg. My platelets dropped so i changed to Sprycel 100 mg, my platelets dropped and again Sprycel 80mg, then 60 mg and  today im taking Sprycel 50mg.

the BCR test i took over the course of the year kept dropping with no sign of relapse, until this week from 7.8% to 20%.. it kinda worries me.

i also took breaks between meds of 2-3 weeks and thats why my Doc thinks what caused it.

i will re test my BCR in two week.

 Thank you all for sharing your stories.


I'm surprised that when you started treatment you were taking 100mg Gleevec.  I've never heard of anyone being started on such a low dose of imatinib.

Has your doctor said what the next step will be if your platelets go too low again on 50mg Sprycel?  You seem to be very sensitive to the TKI.  Maybe you'll need to be on a lower dose yet.

Hopefully it will all be sorted out soon and you can remain on a fixed dose and watch your BCR-ABL1 numbers plummet!


You are right! I looked into my history and the Gleevec was 400 mg tablet.

sorry for the misinformations, my doctor plan is to increase the Sprycel after the two weeks if the BCR hasn’t decreased.

i read that for some patients controlling the platelets is easy, and how wonder if anyone is going through what i am going through, i tried taking Turmeric pills 1500 MG daily, and my doctors said that i should have ask her thoughts, ( i agreed) but i know she should have said no, i stopped now, as i realized that it might interefer with Sprycel and BCR. 

I will keep you guys posted. 

Thank you Kirk;)