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Imatinib not working


Hi Everyone, 

I went to the Doctor last 2 weeks and he suggested that I reduce the dose to 200mg (I normally take 400mg Glivec) because my WBC was low. He also sent me to the Lancet Laboratories to do my PCR test and the results are showing that I am higher than when I was diagnosed, plus my liver enzymes are too high. Note that When I was diagnosed, I was 40 % now it's 41%. 
I don't know what to do because,  I was expecting that after 20 months since I was diagnosed, the results would be better. It's also more worrying since, in Rwanda, we only have one TKIs.  

These are my recent FBC results 
WBC 3.20Neutrophils 27.2% 
RBC 4.14Platelets 152  
S- LACTATE DEHYDROGENASE 1217 (This is the liver Enzymes test)

Your advise would be appreciated. 


hey there

I was diagnosed in Rwanda too and was recently out the hospital in Eastern Province! I know that some of the machines in Rwanda arent very sensitive to high counts or high PCR, or at least that was the situation a few years ago. 

Do you know what mutation you have? Your response does seem rather slow but there could be a lot of other factors at play. Is going to Nairobi or South Africa an option for you?

Hi Evah, 


Good to know there is someone from Rwanda on this platform and Thank you for reaching out. 

After an investigation with the doctors and the pathologists, it turns out the administrative people from the laboratory had made a mistake. My new results shows that I have achieved MMR with 0.027%. 



Oh my goodness ... that is a massive difference. Congratulations - I’m thrilled for you. I know availability of TKIs other than imatinib is very difficult in Rwanda so I am so happy for you to have achieved MMR and, not only that, quite close to MR4.