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I read that some papers about curcumin and cancer had to be retracted. Anybody knows what happened? And more importantly, is it still worth for CMLers to take it? Thanks.

I am bumping my question about curcumin and CML. Thank you for your help.

I think curcumin is a great addition to my diet. I have tumeric virtually every morning with milk and oatmeal. I consume it for overall health and it is part of my approach to a whole life style.

I don't think tumeric alone will cure Cml, but I see it as an my body.

Have you heard of the golden milk recipe?


The papers that were retracted were by a scientist specializing in the use of Curcumin in cancer treatment:

He was overly enthusiastic about Curcumin's properties and claims. Despite the bad press, Curcumin does seem to have strong medicinal properties as reported by other credible scientists. Curcumin does down-regulate genetic pathways known to be cancer promoting. And it does have strong anti-inflammatory properties (e.g. for arthritis). Curcumin is no cure, but may help TKI's be more effective. Once I started taking Curcumin, I noticed my PCR's started to fall faster and my arthritis disappeared. If I was magically cured of CML, I would still take Curcumin. It is like eating veggies. It's good for your body.

Hi Scuba,

I want to get started with Curcumin. I take imatinib 200mg a day. Have had CML for 20 months and have achieved MMR. My arthritis is increasingly bad, especially in my legs and feet. I will have another knee replaced in November. 
I am interested in the curcumin because I am trying to decrease my use of ibuprofen and tylenol.

I found several brands that are 1000 mg of curcumin wiht 6 mg of piperazine. Does this sound like a good starting point? Or should I start with a lower dose? I have been reading the forum and it seems that most people are taking 2-6 grams a day.

Any suggestions/information/ thoughts are welcome.

MMR on only 200 mg imatinib is excellent.

Curcumin is poorly absorbed by the body even with piperine (pepper). It takes a lot of Curcumin to be effective. But it does work if the dose is high enough. I take a minimum of 2 grams per day. Often I take twice that amount (4 grams). In the early days, I took 8 grams per day, but once I became undetected, I lowered my dose (for cost saving). If I lose response, I'll increase my dose again.

Anything less than 2 grams is likely not to be effective.

It helps to take Curcumin with food that has some fat. It helps with absorption.