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Following on from a transfer from imatinib to dasatinib

I got stuck on a plateau of about 0.25% with imatinib. My first dasatinib result after 12 weeks is 0.093% (achieving a MMR at 21 months). This re-boots me so to speak but only puts me onto the same slow downward path. Have others seen a more of a stepped change from a drug move?

Great news!! Your MMR and that’s the main thing. I expect you will continue to fall. Was @ 0.118% at 18months in October. Have my 24 month results next week. Really really hoping I am MMR finally but who knows.

Thank you, Alex. Let us know how you get on.

That is great news. Maybe I also have to move to Dasatinib. Stuck at 0,29% after 24 months with imatinib 600 ... What is your dose and do you experience any side effects ?

I reached CCyR on Dasatinib at 6 months but did not break the MMR barrier with Dasatinib.  Switch to Nilotinib at around 24 months and slowly crept to just under MMR at 33 months.  I hope downward trend continues but yes a different TKI just might push people over the threshold.  That is why 3 month check ups are absolutely vital if you have not reached MMR (arguably even after).  

Looks like you've followed a similar path to myself. Imatinib had a major effect initially but once I went Neutropenic, the doctor saw fit to change me to Dasatinib. Took me down from 3% to 0.18% but then it eventually found a way around it and a mutation was found in my latest test.

Recently started on Nilotinib, the looking list of side effects worries me, even at the relatively young age of 32.

I hope the Dasatinib works for you. It did some great work for me.