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CML treatment success


Hi there,
How much time it takes to have complete hematologic response? Does that mean all blood counts are totally in range like normal person or slightly lower than normal person. After this how long it takes for Cytogenic response which is a great milestone to achieve.
Thanks in advance.

Hi Myra,

You should expect to see a return to 'normal' blood counts within the first 4 weeks after starting TKi therapy. It may be that Haemaglobin levels are slightly under normal rates as TKi therapies can suppress red cells. 

2 very important milestones are an early molecular response (EMR) at 3 months and 6 months and complete cytogenetic response (CCyR) by 12 months. This is a general guideline and some can take a little longer than this.

It is regarded as an 'optimal response' if you have a reduction in PH+ cells to below 10% at 3 months, but as I said some take a little longer and by 6 months you should expect to have a major molecular response- preferably near to, at, or below 1% (CCyR)

See this page for more details from Leukaemia Net and NCCN about treatment guidelines.


Hi Sandy, please, i need some advice, please. I have kidney stones, i’ve been dealing with the pain, took metamizole, today i got fever, i think i have urinary infection, i took ciprofloxacin for this, i asked my doctor and he recommended to stop my imatinib til this infection and fever process resolves. Is that OK? May i take another pain killer? or another antibiotic? Please, i need some advices, i am feeling really lost. I am doing well with my treatment but now i have this infection and i am afraid to stop my medication, this last 2 days i vomited it. Please, help! 


You must be in considerable pain with Kidney stones. 

If you have a urine infection you do need to deal with that. Personally I do not take antibiotics if I can help it and prefer to deal within infections by using high dose Vitamin C and/or sodium bicarbonate in water, but that is another subject.  

I am not a doctor or a medical expert so I am not at all comfortable with giving medical advice and cannot comment on the drugs you mention you are taking.

However, you may find that drinking a lot of plain water throughout the day (with or without added sodium bicarbonate) will help to support your kidneys and flush out the stones. 

It sounds like you need more clarity on your situation from your doctor. To protect against vomiting your TKI (imatinib) you need to make sure you have a substantial meal when you take it, however if you have a fever it is best not to eat until it subsides. Maybe this is the reason why your doctor has advised that you stop imatinib until your infection/fever subsides.



Thank you Sandy, I don’t have fever today, i am trying to eat more before my imatinib, i will continue taking it, hope and pray not to vomit it 🙏🏼