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stroke and nilotinib


has anyone had a TIA whilst taking nilotinib?

If you are at risk of a stroke you should not be taking nilotinib.


Spoke to my stroke consultant yesterday he said i had 2 strokes because of nilotinib its Caused narrowing of the blood vessels to my brain
There is literature on the internet dating back to 2013 about it.
My oncologist is calling me tomorrow
Had cml since 2003.

Follow up
I received a phone call to see an oncologist asap.
He has admitted that nilotinib caused both strokes.
I have been taken off it right away.
Because I've been in remission about 4 years they are going to monitor me every 4 weeks.
There has been alot negligence
He is going to get in touch with everyone's gp whom is taking nilotinib to see if anyone else is at risk.
Im very upset by the outcome.but now i know why ive had 2 strokes last year.

This must be upsetting for you and I hope you can get access to an expert in CML and TKI therapies. 


It took a stroke dr to pick on this
I have been referred to leeds hospital asap to undergo further investigation
My family and I are in shock and upset