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Decreasing Imatinib


I am on a trial of decreased imatinig (200 mg daily). Since starting the reduction, I have been in a brain fog and sleeping poorly. Has anyone else experienced this? When I had to stop the drug for 5 weeks last year due to serious side effects, I had no response like this.

What are the causes of the decrease in imatinib to 200mg ?, which is half the normal dose, I had read about dose decreases in sprycel or even tasigna but hardly in imatinib, a greeting.

Since I am doing so well, the half dose will hopefully cut down on other side effects. If I do well, it might be a prelude to TFR (although not for another year yet).

I have been on since Sept 2019 with excellent results (achieved MMR in December.)


I have been on 200mg. of imatinib now for 2 weeks. I have less nausea, fatigue and anxiety and I am sleeping much better. The brain fog is gone. So  I am guessing this was a transcient response to the decrease in dosage.

Based on some new research my onc says he wants to see how I do on the reduced dose for a year before he would consider TFR. I am back to 3 month bcr/abl, but that is ok.