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Test result bcr-abl


Hi guys, i have 1 year 3 months of treatment with Imatinib 400mg. I thought this last control test t(9;22) (bcr-abl) i will be undetectable, but no yet ... could you guys give me an advice, should i continue with imatinib? Thank you all. 

Diagnosed with:  170%
3months: 2.7%
6months: 0.33%
9months: 0.055%
12months: 0.028%

15months: 0.019%

Hi your close to MMR4 your response is great no need for any change. Not everyone gets to undetected but anything under MR4 is indistinguishable to Undetected.

Absolutey zero reason to change unless you have bad side effects. And no doctor should change your meds at that level.


Thank u Al!, i just corrected my resulta in the post. 

mil, it isn't at all unusual for a CML patient to have their BCR-ABL plateau at a low level.  With your next (18 month) test, you will have been plateaued at a very low CML level (under 1.0), for a year.  When a CML patient has either been undetectable, or plateaued at a very low CML level, for a prolonged period of time, a year, or so, they can typically begin gradually reducing their dosage without it having an adverse effect on their CML level.  Their CML level will typically gradually drift lower with time, regardless of dosage.  After your next test, talk to your onc about beginning gradual dosage reduction.  The less TKI we take over the longterm the better off we are likely to be.

Recently had two TFR fail restarts on low dosage:
‚Äč03/11/2021 0.164%  :(
04/07/2021 Restarted on Bosulif 100mg/day
04/16/2021 0.128%
05/17/2021 0.025%

11/17/2020 BCR-ABL:ABL = 0.026 
11/24/2020 restarted on 100 mg / day imatinib (onc recommended 300 mg / day)
12/14/2020 BCR-ABL:ABL = 0.012
02/16/2021 BCR-ABL:ABL = 0.004
03/01/2021 started 100 mg imatinib every other day
03/15/2021 BCR-ABL:ABL = Not Detected