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Hi guys

Hope you all doing fine, i have a question: what to do in case we vomit after taking imatinib? i mean, i just eat and 15 minutes later i vomit all my lunch. Should i take it again? or just wait to next day? Any advice i will appreciate it. 

Thank you

Mil, have you tried taking imatinib after or before a large meal and with plenty of water? 


Take after a meal with glass of water and don't lie down for half an hour.  I had exactly the same problem in my first few weeks of imatinib on the daily 400 tablet eventually eased off a bit and I just managed tablet and feeling nauseous for up to 2 hours.  Advice in UK at the time I was diagnosed and not being eligible for Nilotinib for other health reasons was basically get on with it take the imatinib or develop full blown CML (Dasatinib not then available as an alternative first line treatment)  I remember the Haematologist saying "well you have a blood cancer no one parties on Imatinib!"  Went home to Eastern Europe totally different attitude  Dr immediately suggested taking Imatinib in 100 tabs 3 or 4 times a day after meals instant success discovered could easily take 200 after meal with no nausea or vomiting and again in evening got to MMR went to 300 per day 100 after each meal maintained MMR for years so either swop TKI as Scuba suggests or try split dose.

Thank you so much for all your recommendations guys. I really appreciate them. Yes, I do take imatinib with plenty of water and i usually tolerate it well, but there are some days that i just can’t ... and those days are the ones that i don’t know what to do, if i just repeat the dose or just skip it? 

Hi Mil,

if you forget to take or vomit after taking it, I think the general advice is to wait until the next day. Can you identify why on certain days you cannot tolerate imatinib?

I used to take mine after my evening meal (for me, the largest meal of the day with the most carbohydrates). This meant is was not long before I went to bed so would more likely sleep through the tiredness and any other of the more common side effects. 


Hi Sandy, 

Sorry for replying late; yes, i can identify “the days”, it’s usually when i eat kind of “greasy food” like fries or wings, and sometimes also when the food has a lot of flavor. I try to eat good most of the time, but sometimes i want to eat this fast food and i noticed that after that kind of meals i had this problem and i don’t know what to do, if retake the pill or just wait till next day. I am going to try this food. 

Thank you for your advice