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Treatment Free Remission (TFR) update:

I am pleased to report my PCR came back "undetected" after a full year in "treatment free remission" (TFR)

I am pleased my protocol leading up to TFR seems to be working. I'll celebrate after Lent is over.

In recap, I started out near blast crisis, 8% blasts, poor response to imatinib leading to severe myelosuppression with a crashing blood system - up and down for nine months before stabilizing (down). After doing a lot of research on the genetics of CML - decided to apply nutrition to every genetic pathway which favors bcr-abl destruction and immune enhancement as well as managing restoration of my blood system and changing doctors to a research center specializing in CML. I was diagnosed May 2010.

I will never feel I have beaten CML - only that I can live drug free a year at a time.

That’s good news for you! 👍🏻

I would be interested in having a copy of your protocol that you have been following! 

Since reading some of your initial post I’ve been doing time restricted eating with occasional fasts.  I’m currently on Tasigna which I believe is having a detrimental effect on my metabolic engine.  I feel like I’m trying to reinvent the wheel at the moment! 

thanks again for all your positive contributions! 👍🏻

Dear Scuba,

Your continued undetected status is such good news, I am so pleased for you. Thanks for the nutritional information, support and advice you generously share with others on this forum. 


Congratulations Scuba!! Fantastic news. Please continue to keep us updated on your status and on all your knowledge.

Fantastic news :)we got vitamin d test for my husband after reading your posts,your story is encouraging especially when dealing with the ups and downs during initial diagnosis.

Wow Scuba, that’s awesome! It’s really encouraging to read about where you started and where you are at now.  Also the ‘drug free a year at a time line’ - such a healthy/wise approach. Take care 

Congratulations Scuba!! Fantastic news. Thank you so very much for all the help and advice you have shared.



Wow thats great news. Considering you had such a rough start thats a great outcome and probably a goal that most cml patient want to achieve.


Awesome are an inspiration to us all and such a big positive force that gives strength to those in need. 

Your knowledge helped me many times and many others.


Thank you


This is really great news!!!   Congratulations on your TFR.   

So happy for you Scuba! The information you share is so valuable and helpful. Thank you and best wishes for continued TFR.