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anyone taking bosutinib i have been taking it since december 2021


Yes I have been taking it for approx 4 years now. How are you finding it?


OK but the nausea and mainly the runs bad other wise good

Yes I completely understand especially about the diarrhoea.

I found the nausea seemed to come and go in waves at first but I very rarely suffer with it now.

I think I will always suffer with occasional bouts of diarrhoea, I have to be careful what I eat, I limit the amount of fruit and anything acidic because that really upsets my system. It was just a case of trial and error really for me. 

We’re you on another tki before bosutinib?


Just out of interest have you noticed much hair thinning too?

I'd sat my hair is thinning near my fringe
Yes I'm careful what I eat
I was on 19 yrs ago at first gleevec
Then dastanib then nilotinib
Nilotinib was great it worked MMR but unfortunately I had 2 strokes

Been taking bosutinib since December I'm back in MMR
My bcr=abl is good
I was not on any meds from March till December last year

I am so sorry to hear about your strokes and I hope you have recovered well from them. I was also on Nilotinib to begin with but had to stop because my platelet count was continually very low. 

take care and stay safe


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