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Benefits of Resveratrol


Hi All,
I came across a journal article by Xin-pu Wu published in 2015 that in summary stated :
"Resveratrol has been demonstrated to induce apoptosis (death of cells ) in CML cells,including imatinib resistant CML cells suggesting that the compound could act against CML by by-passing (using a different pathway) the Bcr/Abl fusion protein which possesses constitutively active tyrosine kinase activity and promotes leukomogenesis (development of a leukaemia)"
Some years ago I came across some alternative thinking or conspiracy theory articles praising the use of this food supplement Resveratrol alongside an attack on tkis as a attempt by Big Pharma to rip us off-currently I cannot find these articles so presume these have been taken down.

Resveratrol is a plant phytoalexin occurring in the skins of red grapes and is on offer as a concentrate in pill form in health food shops and online.

Has anyone come across this compound before and in particular have you taken it as an addition to, or alongside imatinib?

It appears from the article that this compound uses an alternative pathway to effect leukaemic cell death as opposed to a tki approach of effecting a lower Bcr /Abl activity/process..
I gather that the latest approach to CML treatment using Asciminib (awaiting NICE approval in UK) uses a different pathway approach to treating CML compared to existing tkis-or is this point irrelevant?


There is much negatively expressed now by the use of resveratrol:

I have asked questions about using flavonoids to induce apoptosis at some CML seminars. The general answer is that the flavonoids cannot be taken in sufficient quantity to induce apoptosis.

Hi Nimbus
Resveratrol has in part gained a bad press because historically lots of clinics in Eastern Europe especially Romania offered high dose treatments that promised to halt the ageing process.Many of the journal articles focussing on the anti leukemia effects of resveratrol have cited in lab experiments and studies so the key question is how can this be applied on real persons with say CML in a trial setting where some of the patients are offered a tki and some offered this phytoalexin and on a blind basis.?