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18 months - PCR increase


Hey guys!

Thanks so much for all the great posts and content. You helped me so much with my anxiety at the beginning.

My story began in December 2019, on a routine blood check (like most of you guys). I started with Imatinib (generic) in January 2020 and since then everything was more than ok.
BCR-ABL 6 months - 0.032
BCR-ABL 12 months - 0.00049

But suddenly, my PCR rise on my 18-month check - 0.0015

I did nothing different from before. The only things are: I gained a little weight (4-5 kg), got the Sinopharm covid vaccine, and maybe had a little less physical activity. And that's it.

My doctor is fine with the results. She's planning new PCR control for 6 months (this is common where I live). That's it. Although, I didn't get the impression from her that she saw a lot of times this kind of log-reduce.

I'm feeling pretty down last 5 days since I got the results. I've read the entire internet and I see these things happen. But the thing I'm most concerned about is - I'm still in a "critical" two years period where mutations and drug resilience happen more often and here we only have one medicine more (tasigna).
Seems like I feel even worse now than at the beginning, back then I had a strong faith in drugs & medicine, but now it's like I'm losing it.

P.S. Almost forgot to add, I'm taking vitamin D supplements daily (2000 UI).

The apparent increase in reading is not in the least significant. Any reading below 0.01% is absolutely fine, and variation of any results below that level is more a factor of the inherent variability of the test process than anything to do with your blood.  Back in the old days (I am 14 years in here) before the new generation of equipment came in, the labs only reported to two decimal places so no-one had the stress these spurious low numbers now impose. If your test in 6 months increases again, I'd expect the doc to get another reading on a shorter timescale. If three readings are all trending in the same direction then the doc may need to do something - not before. And I will bet they don't all trend upwards.

Thats a great response.  Fantastic.  I would not worry in the slightest.  There are gonna be some slight changes and it absolutely very well has to do with testing variables.