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Dose reduction approved (yay!) Liver Panel anxiety (boo!)


First, the good news.  We are gonna drop me down from 400mg of Tasigna per day to 300mg and retest after 3 months.  My docs thought it totally reasonable (even though I had to ask for it which bums me out a little bit).  My last two readings were .016 (Jan 21) and .013 (July 20) so Im excited about that.  

The distressing (if not actually bad) news was my most recent Liver Panel came back a little wonky: 

All levels were normal except:

Billirubin 1.1 (ref range .3 - 1.0) ... not worried about that since its been slightly high for a long time.

LDH 123 (ref range 140 - 271) 

ALT 58 (ref range 7 - 52)... this is the one that kinda freaked me out the most - I mean obviously its one of the most important markers but its also not *that* high.

Anion Gap 4.1 (ref range 6.2 - 14.7)... seems these are very rarely low so I dont know what to think... all my electrolytes are within reference ranges.

The doctor said that they were "no big deal" and "okay" (according to the nurse I spoke to) but this just fills me with so much anxiety.  Does anyone have any thoughts and does anyone else share my terrible habit of overthinking their blood tests?

Why are you giving yourself such a hard time? I would say you are probably very aware that you are overthinking your blood results. Focus all your 'worry energy' on the most important - and good- news, i.e you can now drop your daily dose to 300mg ( and may even see it reflected in your 'other' results). 

As for asking - not being offered - for this reduction, in 1999 a few months after my diagnosis, if I had not asked my consultant (major CML clinician specialist) for information about the phase 1 trials of imatinib (then call STI571) and if it was possible for him to refer me to the lead investigators of those first trials, I would never have been able to access the phase 2 trial (which saved my life) and would have gone ahead with a stem cell transplant. We owe it to ourselves (and others) to ask questions. Well done for getting your reduction in dose.